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One of the key challenges in rolling out a new corporate identity or brand, or simply refreshing an existing retailer operated environment, is capital cost.

There is often no budget for capital spend to refurbish and implement the key elements of the brand.

Yet without the updated brand environment there are less opportunities to generate the additional sales and revenue that will enable investment to take place.

Principle Brand Financing resolves this issue by working with major funders to supply lease funding for branding projects.

This can include everything from architecture and design fees, to complete fit out of the retail interior and exterior.  

More importantly, this unique solution allows the retailer to fast-track the branding of their environment with minimum initial outlay, with the knowledge that they have the best brand implementation team in the business working to get them up and running as quickly as possible.

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Covering the capital cost of a new corporate identity rollout.
Principle Brand Financing - lease funding for your business.
Lease funding for major branding projects.
From architecture and design to complete fit out of retail environment - Brand Financing.
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